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Process circle

Process Circles provide an opportunity to deepen your learning with staff support. You will meet periodically with the teaching staff and other participants via a 45 minute “live” web conference. (You may also participate by phone.) (Sessions will be recorded so you can listen afterward if you need to miss the live session.)


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  1. Mari Garing

    I was looking for a phone number for the leadership session tonight, but I can’t seem to find one. My computer has become very slow the past couple of weeks and I don’t think it can handle a live webinar. Thank you. Mari Garing

  2. Dietz Ziechmann

    I finally got to take the Lesson 1 Module quiz, shifting to the Guding course from the Healthy Course to do so. I also listened to the full “Welcoming Young People” set of videos. I found them interesting, but hope I don’t have to listen to then a second time to take another quiz..

    • Renee Ruchotzke Post author

      Hi Jean,

      We will offer a second time for Healthy Leadership. I’m waiting for registration to end before sending out options. We plan to record all of the calls, so you can choose which one to participate in and which one to listen to afterward.

      Module 2 will open at 8am on Friday. (I had to “unpublish” it to add the materials. I suspect this will happen again — that a module will “disappear” and then “reappear” on Friday morning.)

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