Semester: Spring 2018

Fostering Safer Congregations 110 S18

Our congregations strive to be safe and welcoming places to all. It is impossible to make a congregation 100% safe; however, there are steps that you can take to make your congregation safer while still creating a supportive space for learning, growth, and challenge as well as actively working for the inclusion and safety of all people. This course… Read more »

Death of Sunday School 150 (S18)

Semester 1: The Death of Sunday School The Sunday school model of religious education died in Unitarian Universalism well over a decade ago. Demographic changes, changes in family structures, societal norms, and the role of the church in American life have evolved drastically over time. Yet the Sunday school model that came out of the… Read more »

Spiritual Companioning for Progressive Congregations (306) S18

An Old New Way for Clergy and Laity to Do Church As America’s religious landscape continues to change dramatically, progressive congregations are confronted with unprecedented challenges, challenges that require fresh approaches to spiritual leadership for both clergy and laity. This course will explore how the ancient practice of spiritual companionship can bring new energy to congregational life.… Read more »

Adaptive Leadership 401 S18

The last in our suite of four Leadership Development courses, this course is designed for experienced lay leaders and professional staff who are looking to help their congregations face challenges without easy answers. The “Adaptive Leadership” framework, pioneered by Harvard’s Dr. Ronald Heifetz, is more than a toolbox of tips. It will change the way… Read more »

Strategic Leadership 301 S18

The third in our suite of four Leadership Develop courses, Strategic leadership is board members, staff, program council members, ministry executive teams, finance committees, bylaws review committees, strategic planning committees, committees on ministry and any other leaders who need to think strategically. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to focus your congregation on mission,… Read more »

Centered Leadership Part 1 – 001 S18

The first in our suite of four Leadership Development courses, this course (previously titled “Faithful Leadership) is designed for people considering leadership, who are beginning to lead or who have leadership experience in contexts other than Unitarian Universalist faith communities. We will cover how covenant is the center of UU faith, how our congregational polity… Read more »

Future of Faith Formation 151 S18

Semester 2: The Future of Faith Formation We have learned that the future of faith formation requires adaptive leadership. It also requires the attention and engagement of the congregation as a whole. Culture shift, embracing new norms, and bold experimentation is too much for any single person to establish alone. Unitarian Universalists have done this… Read more »