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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register and sign up for trainings?

  1. Everyone should create a participant account. (There is no fee to do this.)
    • Be sure to note your username and password!
    • You will get a verification email that says “To complete the activation of your account, go to the following link: (URL)” that will will allow you to access your account.
    • The activation link will only work once. If it doesn’t seem to work, try logging in.
    • If you don’t get an email, check your spam folder! Be sure to add uuinstitute.org to your “safe senders” list.
    • If all else fails, send an email to info@uuinstitute.org and we’ll activate your account for you. (Please give us a couple of working days.)
  2. When you are logged in to your participant account, click on the training(s) you wish to get to the training page.  Simply click on the “take this training” button on each training page.  The website will take you to a a payment processing page where you can choose to pay for the trainings in your cart via paypal or pay with a check. You do not need a paypal account to use their system to pay with a credit card. To pay with a check see number 4 below for detailed instructions.
  3. Recruit others from you congregation to take the training(s) (or related trainings) with you and schedule some in-person time to engage with the discussion questions and other activities.  (It’s even better to find a neighboring congregation or two and invite them as well!)
  4. There is a “pay by check” option in the shopping cart.  Please print the confirmation email and send it with your check so we can identify your account. If your congregation is paying for your entire team, please have each team member register for the site and enroll in the class. Then please mail a check with a list of names and email addresses of each person who you are paying for. Including the order number for each person is even more helpful! Do note that you will not have access to the class materials until we receive your check and credit it to your account.

Make your check out to UUA-CER and send to:

UU Leadership Institute
c/o Central East Region of the UUA
100 W 10th Street, Suite 1008
Wilmington, DE 19801

When can I start?

Each training is available on-demand. Start when you want, move through it at your own pace. (We used to offer trainings on a semester basis, but we wanted to offer more flexibility.)

How do I access my training I just purchased?

Once you are logged into the site, go to the participant’s menu, select “My Trainings” and on that page all the trainings you are currently enrolled in should show up. Click the box for the training you want to work on to be taken to that page.

Can we take these trainings as a congregational team?

We hope you do! The 4 core leadership trainings (Centered Leadership Part 1, Centered Leadership Part 2, Strategic Leadership and Adaptive Leadership) are designed for congregational leaders at different levels to take the trainings as a group. Folks view the materials on their own, then meet with others in their congregation/cluster to engage with the materials together. There are discussion questions for each section, plus we offer in-person activities for a workshop that you can use in your small groups. (This is what we mean by “Flipped Classroom.”)

Do you offer group discounts?

Our low-cost trainings are supported by your Annual Program Fund gifts to the UUA.  We are unable to offer group discounts, however we do offer need-based scholarships.

I received a group code from my congregational organizer, how do I use it?

Go to the Group Registration page, enter the code in the box and click submit see the picture to the right.

I enrolled in a training, but can’t participate. May I get a refund?

Unfortunately, due to the administrative costs, we cannot issue refunds.

I’m not very good with technology. What do I need?

  • You will need to be able to open pdf documents (using the free Adobe Acrobat reader or similar software).
  • You will need to be able to view YouTube videos
  • If you are using a PC, it’s best to use Internet Explorer or Firefox as your web browser.  The quizzes don’t seem to work with Google Chrome. For Macs, Safari seems to work best, but Firefox also works well.
  • You will need either a telephone with long-distance service OR a computer with a reliable high-speed internet connection, an audio headset and preferably (but not necessarily) with a built-in or attached video camera
  • If you run into issues, you might need to clear your cache in your browser. Here are instructions for how to do that: for Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome.

What do you mean by “flipped classroom?”

We make the materials available online and on-demand.  Then you meet in person (locally) for the activities/discussion.  This “Flipped Classroom” balances training content with the creativity of the participants — it’s the interplay of your ideas and experiences that creates the UU Leadership Institute magic!

Can you give me a list of everything that is involved?

  • To agree to the participant covenant
  • To be a part of a congregational team (optional, but highly recommended) and/or to comment on discussion questions.
  • A computer with a reliable Internet connection (able to play YouTube® videos), preferably (but not necessarily) with a built-in or attached video camera for live sessions
  • 2-3  hours per module to devote to coursework
  • Successful completion of quizzes or participation on discussion boards.
  • Willingness to use technology and learn how if you are not yet familiar with it

Why does UU Leadership Institute suggest having congregations enroll a leadership team?

From decades of experience with week-long residential leadership schools, we found that if only one person attended, they had a hard time doing anything with what they learned back in their home congregation.  Congregations that have involve teams of leaders — especially teams that include religious professionals — have been able to have more positive impact on the congregation upon their return.  We strongly recommend teams of 4 or more.

Why aren’t all of the trainings free? Doesn’t our Annual Program Fund gift to the UUA cover this?

The UU Leadership Institute would not be possible without your gifts! The training fees enable us to invite non-UUA staff (and even non-UUs like Beth Zemsky) and fairly compensate them. We were also able to upgrade our video technology with the training fees.

The $30 trainings are monitored by UUA staff. The $15 trainings are popular non-monitored trainings. The free trainings tend to be our older trainings that we are keeping available.

I’m not a Unitarian Universalist. Can I enroll?

Yes! With the exception of trainings that are part of UUA Credentialling or specific region-sponsored “Leadership Experiences,” trainings are open to anyone.