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Assumptions, Mission and Values


  • UU faith communities need vital leadership to have impact.
  • Leadership formation is a part of lifelong faith development.
  • Cohesive leadership teams can effect lasting change and ensure organizational health.
  • Leverage face-to-face time to build connections.
  • Combining the experience of lay leaders and the expertise of staff will foster innovation.


The purpose of the UU Leadership Institute is to:

  • grow Unitarian/Universalism and to support leaders with liberal religious values
  • provide quality training that is accessible, affordable and convenient
  • help leaders to develop sensibilities around culture, race, generations, gender and other identities so that we become more skillful in intercultural relationships
  • provide opportunities for deeper understanding and innovative thinking
  • provide leadership formation that is also faith with a strong grounding in liberal theology


  • No one of us has all of the answers. The world around us is always changing and we always have something new to learn.
  • All relationships should be consensual (never coerced).
  • Our communities should be places where all souls can flourish.
  • We are called to build the Beloved Community and we have faith that we have the resources to do so.
  • We need to work at being our best selves.
  • We need to be able to make mistakes with humility and forgiveness.
  • We share ourselves and our resources with the spirit of generosity.
  • Our Covenants help us to be accountable to all of the above values.

*Loosely based on Guiding Principles for a Free Faith by James Luther Adams