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Peer Hosts

Leaders who grow other leaders offer their time and talents in service of our faith. Their leadership is a humble but powerful example of living in accord with our religious liberal values.

We are recruiting experienced leaders—which we are calling “Peer Hosts”—to facilitate the in-person “Communities of Practice” of H-UULTI for their geographic cluster in teams of 3 or 4.

While the primary purpose is to increase the Region’s capacity to offer an in-person experience for H-UULTI that is geographically close and skillfully hosted, other important purposes are to:

  • Honor and support exemplary lay leaders
  • Sharpen spiritual leadership skills
  • Amplify UU identity and commitment
  • Explore multiple options to grow in the ministry of leadership
  • Strengthen relationships within and between clusters

Peer hosts will be selected based on commitment to our faith, demonstrated leadership skills, and a strong sense of self.2014-02-08 10.21.49 If you, or someone you know, has these qualities, you/they may

         Apply here.

There is no cost for this opportunity, save for your time and commitment. Peer Hosts will receive mileage reimbursement and free registration for H-UULTI to honor your service. The real advantage is the deepening and sharing of your leadership gifts.

Peer Hosts will receive online training and support as they prepare for and reflect on their roles in hosting the H-UULTI Communities of Practice. Additional modes of interaction may include online small groups, special workshops at district events, one-to-one buddy mentoring, webinars and more.

What is the commitment?

  • Each peer host commits to a full semester at a time: “Fall” (mid-August to early-December) and/or “Spring” (January to early June).  For example you might be a peer host only for the Fall Semester then take a semester “off”
  • Peer hosts may take one of the “tracks” as a participant, but this is not required.  Hosts should, however, skim course materials to get a sense of what the participants are learning.  Full coursework will take about 1-2 hours per week including the online sessions.
  • Peer hosts will be a part of a 3-4 person team that hosts the 3 Saturday “Communities of Practice.”  Hosting responsibilities include:
    • Making arrangements for meeting space and food  (food costs will be reimbursed)
    • Setting up the space with a sense of beauty, intention and hospitality
    • Procuring materials needed for the day (photocopies, art supplies — costs will be reimbursed) 
  • Peer hosts will participate in 5 additional live web meetings with the Dean during each semester.  These will be conversations where ideas can be exchanged to help make the in-person communities of practice a rich experience
    • 1 orientation meeting (about 90 minutes)
    • 2 debriefing meetings during the semester (about 60 minutes)
    • 1 de-briefing meeting at the end of the semester (about 75 minutes)

What do you mean by “hosting?”

Tuesday Ryan-Hart on Hosting from Deborah Frieze on Vimeo.