Change and Conflict Skills – Leading Change in Changing Times

This badge signifies that the participant completed all online coursework and participated in three six-hour in-person “Community of Practice” sessions as part of a team of 4 or more from their faith community.

The content included:

  • a brief review of systems theory (as applied to congregational life)
  • Gil Rendle’s Roller Coaster of Change, Everett Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation, and an understanding of institutional resistance
  • Speed Leas’s 5 Levels of Conflict and Thomas Kilmann’s Conflict Model and understanding different conflict styles
  • How to transform conflict (John Paul Lederach)
  • The understanding of difference and inclusion when applied to culture and identity
  • An introduction to Ronald Heifetz’s Adaptive Leadership
  • An understanding of Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change model
  • The need to be part of an aligned leadership team
  • The importance of communication in leading change

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