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Access the course materials from your computer, a smart phone or a public library!  You can even learn in your Pajamas!

The courses are deep — consisting of 8 modules.  Every couple of weeks, enrolled participants will have access to a new module that will consist of:

  • a recorded 40-minute web-based video presentation (led by the instructor)
  • an article plus other readings (such as book chapters or links to other articles)
  • other relevant resources (such as supporting videos)
  • a quiz
  • (there is also an opportunity for a live web/phone call discussion or “process circle” with the instructor and other participants)
  • We encourage you to form a local “community of practice” with others in your congregation or geographic cluster.  We will help connect you and will supply you with study/discussion materials and activities.

Please View These Short Tutorials

1. Registering for the site and Enrolling in a course

2. Taking a Course


To participate successfully in this course you will need:

•To be a part of a congregational team (4 or more people to earn a badge).

•A computer with a reliable Internet connection (able to play YouTube® videos), preferably (but not necessarily) with a built-in or attached video camera

•An audio headset is strongly recommended for best audio connection during live calls, and is essential when you are using VoIP (Skype)

•2-3  hours a week to devote to coursework

•Successful completion of quizzes

•$30 online course fee

•Willingness to use technology and learn how if you are not yet familiar with it

•Comfort with peer-learning