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Leadership Development Series – Core Courses

Effective leadership development teams focus on recruiting and relationship building. By using our suite of leadership development courses, shown below, you can spend less time on content and more on connection.

All of our courses have discussion questions for each module that you can use for in-person sessions. They also have a couple of live web sessions with course instructors.

We’ve designed the suite of courses so that they touch on some of the same topics with more depth and complexity as you move from 001 to 101 to 401. We encourage you to integrate potential and newer leaders taking Centered Leadership Parts 1 & 2 with experienced leaders taking Strategic and Adaptive Leadership. (Adaptive Leadership will be available again in the Spring of 2020.)

We provide Leadership Development materials (activities, case studies) so that you can self-organize your congregation (or cluster) for an in-person workshop where you can learn from one another, no matter which level course you are taking!

Course materials are divided into bi-weekly modules, available “on demand” as prerecorded presentations with additional reading materials, discussion questions and other resources. Course participants receive an email reminder as each module opens. Course instructors also schedule live calls during the semester (discussion sessions, office hours, etc.).

Fall Session