Love Reaches Out: Outreach and Growth in a Time of Change 130 (OD)

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This is an on demand version of a class that was previously offered in our regular format. There will not be process circles or any instructor interaction for this version of the course and you may proceed through the modules at your own pace and not need to wait for the next one to open. Course materials will remain on the site until the course is retired.

In addition, In today’s world, newspaper ads and Wayside Pulpit signs are no longer enough to share the message of liberal religion.  UUA Outreach Director Carey McDonald and Outreach Associate for Digital Ministries , the Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh will give you tips, tools and exercises to help extend the outreach of your congregation so that you can grow!

Why Reach Out?

The landscape of religion in America is changing.  What does this mean for your faith community?

Designing the User Experience I: Understanding visitors

Design the church experience and membership journey from a non-member perspective.

Designing in the User Experience II: Branding and communications

Learn how to effectively communicate with potential UUs.

Websites and Social Media

Evaluate your congregation’s existing online presence, and decide on future steps for its website, and social media strategies.

Outreach Events and Getting Started

Identify key events that your congregation could do to promote your values in the community and provide entry points into the life of your congregation.

Emerging ministries

Inspiration for new and creative ministries.

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