UULI-Leading by Heart: Lessons from the Art of Spiritual Direction (305) (Spring 2016)

As America’s religious landscape continues to change dramatically, congregations are confronted with a host of unprecedented challenges, challenges that require fresh approaches to leadership. This course will explore some of the ways spiritual direction can nurture a soulful and heartfelt way of leading congregations. For religious professionals and lay persons alike.

Phillip Lund has almost 20 years experience serving congregations in the areas of faith formation and spiritual growth, first as a religious educator in Bloomington, Indiana, New York City, and Chicago, Illinois, and most recently as a congregational life consultant working for the MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago and a certificate in InterSpiritual Counseling from One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York.

For more info: http://congregationalspirituality.org/clergy/

To follow Phil’s blog, visit: https://uurevphil.wordpress.com/.

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  1. Rev. Ted Tollefson

    The way the Spiritual Direction is framed in theistic terms reminds me of teaching eastern religions @ United Theological Seminary: I was continually translating to and from a Biblical/theistic vocabulary. My root traditions lie in the lively synergy between Buddhism and Taoism in China. If the task of theistic SD is to detect the presence of the divine in our lives, a Buddhist rejoinder might be: how can I become more fully present in my life? with this moment? with things just as they are? In my current congregation (UU Society of River Falls), we explore this in a Sunday morning group on Mindfulness & Qigong and a Wednesday afternoon group called Live Poets Society.

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