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This course is the pre-work for the Southern UU Leadership Experience Leadership School. It is the combination of our Centered Leadership 001 and Centered Leadership 101 courses.

We will cover how covenant is the center of UU faith, how our congregational polity works, and how we can create strong, healthy communities. We will also cover a deeper understanding of being a committed member of our congregations and the wider UUA. We then finish with how being a member of a congregation is a “lab” for building Beloved Community.

In the second half of the course, we will explore dynamics of the interconnection of human relationships in congregations, and how congregations can develop ways of developing the collective creative and emotional intelligence of the members as a system. You will learn how your own sense of purpose and your centered presence can have a positive impact, and how a shared sense of purpose and  group emotional intelligence can unleash creative synergy. You will also have opportunities to reflect on your own spiritual center, and to develop some intercultural agility.

Course materials are divided into modules, available “on demand” as prerecorded presentations with additional reading materials, discussion questions and other resources. All modules are available on June 1, but you must work through them in order.

Course instructors for this course are Kathy McGowan and Rev. Dawn Cooley, Southern Regional Congregational Life Staff.

Syllabus for the first half, Syllabus for the second half

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