UULI-Unitarian Universalist History 111 (Fall 2015)

The course covers a basic outline of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist history, with an emphasis on how understanding our history allows us to be more effective in fulfilling our religious mission.

Module One: Why and How History Matters; The Importance and Variety of Origin Stories; European Beginnings.

Module Two: The Emergence of American Unitarianism out of Congregationalism; the Legacy of Congregational Polity; Unitarianism and The American Renaissance, The Dawn of Transcendentalism.

Module Four: The Multiplicity of Universalist Origins; Universalism and the Great Awakenings; Universalism and the American Republic.

Module Five: Unitarian Identity: Crises and Opportunities (The Civil War and The New Pragmatism; The Western Frontier and Humanism).

Module Seven: Universalist Identity: Crises and Opportunities (Social Reform in a New Era; Universalism Modernizes).

Module Eight: Unitarianism and Universalism in Consolidation; The Black Empowerment Controversy; Sources of UU Identity in the 21st Century.

Led by: Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie
Minister, North UU Congregation

Badge earned upon completion: (Please note: You must attend all in-person sessions to earn the badge.)
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10 Replies to “UULI-Unitarian Universalist History 111 (Fall 2015)”

  1. Sally Burnell

    Just finished this class tonight. We met in person at church once monthly to discuss two modules and I am very grateful to everyone who put this class together for doing this. I truly enjoyed it! I learned SO much despite being a UU for over 20 years. Many thanks! A fantastic course. I sure hope that our church continues to offer some of these excellent classes through the UULI.


    • Beth Casebolt Post author

      You can log in and do the course work on your own schedule. There will be several process circles when you can connect with the others in the class and the instructor at specific times during the semester.

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