UULI-Unitarian Universalist History 111 (Fall 2015)

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The course covers a basic outline of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist history, with an emphasis on how understanding our history allows us to be more effective in fulfilling our religious mission.

Module One: Why and How History Matters; The Importance and Variety of Origin Stories; European Beginnings.

Module Two: The Emergence of American Unitarianism out of Congregationalism; the Legacy of Congregational Polity; Unitarianism and The American Renaissance, The Dawn of Transcendentalism.

Module Four: The Multiplicity of Universalist Origins; Universalism and the Great Awakenings; Universalism and the American Republic.

Module Five: Unitarian Identity: Crises and Opportunities (The Civil War and The New Pragmatism; The Western Frontier and Humanism).

Module Seven: Universalist Identity: Crises and Opportunities (Social Reform in a New Era; Universalism Modernizes).

Module Eight: Unitarianism and Universalism in Consolidation; The Black Empowerment Controversy; Sources of UU Identity in the 21st Century.

Led by: Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie
Minister, North UU Congregation

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