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As members of the UU Leadership Institute community we promise to:

  • be willing to learn, with the spirit of “beginner’s mind” even when we may bring some expertise
  • be willing to question our individual assumptions, knowing that different backgrounds and experiences influence our world-viewsuuli-covenant-wordle
  • gently hold one another accountable to creating a community of faithful practice
  • be responsible for our own participation and spiritual growth, with integrity and enthusiasm
  • make space for everyone’s contribution and participation to build a rich learning environment
  • work with others in my own faith community to use what we learn to help further the mission of the congregation (or other covenantal community).

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  1. L.D. Moore

    I am wanting to use the covenant as challenges and a work in progress. For example, how do we hold ourselves and each other accountable. Perhaps there will be strong reactions to others that will challenge my ability to act in a differentiated manner and is it not possible that how conflict is honored and dealt with will actually lead to substantial cohesiveness in the group. Another example, how will I/we use what is learned.

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