Module 1: (Common Lens) Understanding Generational Differences

On-Demand Webinar Recording

“The Future of Faith” by Carey McDonald
Recorded at the Metro New York Religious Professionals gathering, Spring 2014

Total Presentation Time:  (50:00)
Part 1: (6:39)
Part 2: (8:55)
Part 3: (4:56)
Part 4: (3:33)
Breakthrough Congregation Video (12:25)
Part 5: (13:39)

12 comments on “Module 1: (Common Lens) Understanding Generational Differences

  1. Dietz Ziechmann on

    I’m having problems too. Getting to the quizzes. Also I signed in to registration and had to go back for something additional and it wouldn’t let me back in because it said the email I was posting was already ]taken (by me, obviouisly).

  2. Jennifer Streid-Mullen on

    I am getting frustrated. What does one do to complete a module? I watched the 6 videos and read one article I stumbled on. I did the quiz which referenced something about social media that was not covered in the article or 6 videos. What do I do next? The navigation is not clear.

    • Renee Ruchotzke on

      Hi Jennifer! I’m sorry you are having problems.
      The social media question referred to one of the statistics that Carey mentioned in the presentation. It might have been easy to miss–he had a lot of information. (You can retake the quiz if you miss any answers.)
      Here is an overview of the structure of the website: Each module will have the video presentation on the first page, as well as links to one or two “topics” where the additional materials will be, and a link to the quiz. You may need to scroll down the topics page to see all of the materials. You also need to “mark complete” on the topics page when you complete all of the materials (links to article, other videos, etc.)
      I hope this helps!

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