Module 3: The Congregation as a System

Presentation:  (47:30 total)

Part 1: 8:12
Part 2: 8:29

Part 3: 5:33

Video “Case Study”:

Part 4: 23:42

Presentation Slides (pdf)

Please attend the Process Circle of your choice to discuss this module with the instructor and other participants:

Tuesday, February 10. 2015     

 11:00 am Process Circle recording

7:00 pm Process Circle recording

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What similar situations have occurred in your congregation?
    –How did your congregation respond?
    –How might you respond differently?
  2. Which roles that the characters play often show up in your congregation?
    –What role do you usually take?
    –Are any of these roles explicitly assigned in your congregation?
  3. What can you do in anxious situations to be a better leader in your congregation?

To complete the module, please be sure to click and read through the topics listed below and mark each one complete which will then allow you to take the quiz.

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