Module 3: The Welcome Table Part 1 (110)

Most Unitarian Universalist congregations yearn for diversity in their membership, but few have achieved this vision.  Two of the UU Leadership Institute’s goals are

  • to help congregational leaders development sensibilities around unperceived cultural barriers in their communities
  • to be more inclusive of people with differing identities.
  • to create an ethos of “creative interchange” i.e. an opportunity to learn together how our congregations might be more welcoming at the in-person communities of practice.

This is one of two modules that are common in all of the courses to provide different “lenses”  to help discover these cultural barriers and provide a way to approach difference with curiosity rather than judgment.  (If you are taking more than one course, you only have to go through  the materials once!)

We encourage you to check out our archive of past “Welcome Table” modules to help you be a more inclusive leader!

Presentation (30:21):

This presentation is an interview with two active UU young adults in different life stages.

Question for Discussion:

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  1. If either Raziq or Caitlin walked through the doors of your congregation on a Sunday morning, what would be their experience?

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