Module 4: Welcome and Inclusion..

(There is no process circle for this module.)

Video Presentation Playlist:

Part 1 (1:00)
Part 2 (8:10)
Part 3 (15:58)

Please note: The second part of the Welcoming and Inclusion will appear in Module 7.

2 comments on “Module 4: Welcome and Inclusion..

  1. Dietz Ziechmann on

    In the video in which one of the women on the worship committee objects strenuously to having an alternative, earlier morning service, with different music, and perhaps a modified litergy, threatening even to split the congregation and cause some members to leave. She objects to the innovation, but none of the other committee members ever pins her down to what specifically she objects too.I think that is a radical error. If given a precise opportunity to vent, she might respond with something like “I don’t know, it just feels wrong to me.” In which case one of the supporter could justifably and empathically have counter-responded with “I know changes affecting important matters can sometimes be hard to take emotionally. Give yourself time to adjust to the new worship mode. It is being offered as an alternative for voluntary participation. Not as a mandatory replacemnet for the more familiar service. Don’t you owe that to our congregation?” It might have diffused the issue much more gently than the courses of action they took.

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