Module 6: Denominational Realignments & Religious Polarization

This week we have several videos that make up the class. Unfortunately we were unable to put them into one playlist.

Trends and Polarization by Joan Van Becelaere Part 1 (12:54)

Trends and Polarization by Joan Van Becelaere Part 2 (14:19)

Religious Questions: Rev. Oliver Thomas — Author – 10 Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You But Can’t Because He Needs the Job (5:16)

Video: How Did American Politics Become So Polarized (6:48)

Video – Jason Husser Discusses Polarization, Politics and Religion (2:05)

Video – Reproductive and Religious Wrangling: Hobby Lobby Case (7:45)

Trends in Realignment from Joan Van Becelaere (7:49)

Video – More religious Americans support gay marriage than a decade ago, survey finds (0:55)

Video – Catholic Bishops Say Gays Have Gifts and Qualities to Offer (1:33)

Video: Anglican Crisis: The Elephant in the Room (4:48)

Video – Reza Aslan on the Shouting Match of Religion (2:53)

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