Module 9: Disruptive Innovation, Ethics and Science

The video portion of this class is a playlist of 18 videos that is 1 hr 13 minutes long.

The videos in this playlist include:

Module 9 Introduction with Rev. Van Becelaere (6:30)
Social Media for Churches and Non-Profits (2:27)
Teens/Young Adults and Their Attraction to Their Devices and Technology (3:22)
Millennials and Technology (1:14)
1 year old iPad user (1:38)
Young Kids and “Old” Technology: A Parent’s Retrospective (5:26)
Module 9 Video Part 2 with Rev. Van Becelaere (5:59)
Ethics in Science (5:16)
Fighting for the Ethical Use of Technology (2:01)
Emails: Before You Hit “Send”  (1:39)
Social Media – 6 Practical Ways to Use it in a Ministry Context (8:49)
Module 9 Part 3 with Rev. Van Becelaere (12:32)
Alfpah – Sophia’s Story (1:18)
Life Church November 2014 Stories (5:28)
What Our Community Does (CLF) (1:00)
Welcome to Quest for Meaning (1:53)

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