The Journey Su21

It is important for each of us to examine our own attitudes and our own comfort level with sexuality as we prepare to lead Our Whole Lives sessions.
One way to prepare yourself is to focus on your own experience of being a child and then work to mesh how you learned about sexuality with how you would like to be a sexuality educator with the Our Whole Lives materials.

This is a guided imagery activity. Please watch the following introduction video, followed by the actual meditation video.

Then, complete the assignment listed below: a reflection journal entry to be sent to the trainers.

Introduction to The Journey (4:01) 

Meditation Exercise: The Journey (9:16)

*Note: there was a change in presenters for The Journey exercise. Rev. Cedric Harmon is now presenting the meditation exercise instead of Rev. Michael Crumpler and Rev. Fr. JP Mokgethi-Heath. Rev. Harmon is an OWL trainer for all levels and has extensive expertise in the topics of sexuality and faith.


Complete a reflection piece about this journey, to be emailed to your trainers. You may choose to share  few memories that stood out to you; it is up to you. Also, please answer the following questions:

  1. If you had to describe it in one sentence or short statement, what was the message that you got about sexuality in your family when you were a child?
  2. What impact do you think that message had on you as you continued to grow and develop?
  3. What stands out for you about this Journey activity?
  4. What kinds of messages do you think children should learn about sexuality?
  5. As an OWL facilitator, what can you do to make sure that young people are getting positive messages?

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