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The purpose of the UU Leadership Institute is:

  • To grow Unitarians, Universalism, Unitarian Universalism and to support leaders with liberal religious values
  •  CL CHALICE WORDLETo provide opportunity for people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, economic means, ability and circumstances to grow into leadership

  • To help leaders to develop sensibilities (lenses) around culture, race, generations and other identities so that we become more skillful in intercultural relationships
  • To provide opportunities for deeper connection in clusters
  • To provide leadership formation that is also faith formation with a strong grounding in Unitarian and Universalist Theologies
  • To provide opportunities for lay leadership formation that offers the depth of seminary but without the cost or credentials
  • To provide training for leaders in entrepreneurial and non-ordained forms of ministry (e.g. church plants, house churches, in-congregation deacons, chaplains or elders, etc.)
  • To leverage our resources so that they can deployed to provide the most impact