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FAQ Group Registration

I want to sign up my group for a training. How do I do that?

The designated group leader needs to do this. Group leaders can see who is registered in the training and how far they have advanced as a percentage, quiz statistics and certificates.

Login in the UU Institute website, register if you don’t have an account.

  • Go to the training you want to set up the group registration for. Note, not all trainings are currently available for group registration.
  • Click the Take this Course button
  • Once on the product page, you will see an option for individual or group, click group. Set the number of seats you want to purchase. There is also a field for group name, please create a group name for your group. We suggest the name/state of your congregation and the class number. For example: OVUUC-OH 320. You can change the name later.
  • Click the box if you also want to be enrolled in the course and take one of the seats. If you are purchasing the course for others to take, for example as the DRE as an adult RE offering and not planning to participate or have already taken the course, you will want to not click this box.

How do I enroll my students in the group training?

Once you have completed the purchase transaction, go to the Groups Dashboard. Here you can manage the group, add group members and purchase additional seats.

Select the group from the dropdown if it’s not already selected. To the right it will show you how many courses are left to share out. It will tell you which trainings are associated with the group. And then there is a table of users.

Enrolled users shows you the name and email address of everyone who is currently enrolled in the course. You can send them an invite email or remove them form this list.

To add new users, click the enroll new user tab. We recommend you use the Group Code function.

Click the group code tab, create a code or auto-generate it, select the dates you want the code to be active and click the status button – ignore the validation fields. You can then copy the code, and email it to the individuals you are inviting into the group. Then direct them to this webpage: www.uuinstitute.org/group-registration

  • If they are logged in, they will be able to put the code into the box and be ready to go.
  • If they are not logged in, they will need to do that first.
  • If they do not have an account on the site, they will need to create an account, then go to the page and use the code.

Alternatively you can click the enroll users tab and fill in the name and email address and then click submit. This will add those folks to the training. We recommend that you ask if participants already have a UU Leadership Account and if so, what email is it connected to. Adding that email will automatically add them to the training. If you add an email that they don’t use it will create a new account, forcing them to have two accounts on the site. If this happens, please have the participant submit a support ticket, we can merge two accounts into one to get them back on track. Using the Group Code avoids this issue.

I need to add more people to my group and training, can I do that?

Sure! When on the groups dashboard page, to the right of the group name, it shows how many user registrations are left. If this is zero, under that in red it will say Add New Users. Click those words and this will take you to the product page, where you can select the number of licenses, do select group. Your group name will be prefilled. Add to the cart and complete the purchase. This should add the licenses to your group. If it does not, contact support and we will make sure that happens.

I want to remove some people from my group and add others, can I do that?

We know plans change, so yes we can do that. However we do want you to realize that we will only do this for folks who haven’t started the course. In the groups dashboard, click the remove button next to the person you want to remove from the group. This sends a notice to the admin team to check and approve the request. If we don’t respond in 72 hours, please submit a support ticket to make sure we didn’t miss the email notice.

I have more questions!

We’d love to hear them! You can submit a question through our contact form, or email info@uuinstitute.org.