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Troubleshooting Guide

Software is not always our friend. If you have having issues, we hope these quick solutions will help. If the problem you are having isn’t listed below please contact us at info@uuinstitute.org or submit a support ticket and we’ll work with you to figure it out.

I created an account and now I’m trying to log in and it says I can’t and I tried registering again and it says the email is already in use!

Your account has been registered, but you cannot login because you have not clicked the link in the confirmation email. It will not allow you to login until this is done either by you, or by one of the administrators. Please check your spam folder to see if you can find the confirmation email. If you can’t find the email then please email info@uuinstitute.org and one of us will confirm your account right away. We do check for “stuck” accounts regularly but if you email us we’ll take care of it right away.

I did not get my confirmation email after registering, so I cannot log into the site.

Occasionally these emails get caught in spam folders on your server or in your inbox. If you can’t find the email then please email info@uuinstitute.org and one of us will confirm your account right away. We do check for “stuck” accounts regularly but if you email us we’ll take care of it right away.

I click the link in my confirmation email and it says I need an activation key.

That means you accidentally clicked the link twice and your account is already activated. Just login using the user name and password you set up when you registered for the site. If you can’t log in then let us know at info@uuinstitute.org

I am trying to log in but it doesn’t recognize my user name.

The system does not recognize spaces in the user names. If you put in “Beth Casebolt” it will turn that into “BethCasebolt”. So try removing the space between your names or two words first. The system does this automatically, it does not tell you it is happening. Also, if you can’t remember your user name, you can always login using your email address associated with the account. If these two fixes don’t help please email info@uuinstitute.org and one of us will check your account and tell you your user name. Note that we cannot see passwords. Do note that while you can change your email address associated with the account, you cannot change the user name once it is set.

I’ve lost my password, how do I reset it?

Click the login link in the menu bar. Under the boxes for user name and password there is a link for register and forgot password? Click the forgot password and follow the instructions. If you do not get the reset password email or are unable to find the link, email info@uuinstitute.org for help. We can’t see your password, so all we can do is reset it.

When one video presentation ends, another one — that isn’t part of the class–starts to play.

YouTube has added an “autoplay” feature that causes this problem.  Find out how to turn it off.

I tried to take the quiz but when I get to the end it just spins and doesn’t give me a score. When I log out and back in it says I didn’t take it.

We have discovered a slight software glitch since our last update. Please try these steps before contacting us:

1. Please clear the cache of your browser.
Firefox Instructions
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

2. Log out of the UU Leadership Institute and then log back in.

3. If you have another browser on your computer, please try a different browser. We know that Google Chrome has caused most of these issues for our users. Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer haven’t had the same issues.

If none of these work please send us an email to info@uuinstitute.org with the following information so we can help you with the problem:

Your name
Your user name for the account
The password for the account
Which training and module you are having the issue with
Which type of device and operating software are you using (ie I am on a Mac running Yosemite)
Which browser are you using