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Your purchase of your class has been completed, thank you.

If you received a notice that the form is not secure when returning to this page, please note that this is not referring to your paypal transaction. Paypal uses the latest security to protect your information. The return to this website is considered not secure by some browsers. Your credit card information is not transferred, so please do not be alarmed.

If you paid for your purchase via paypal, then your class has been added to your account. If you do not have an account or were not logged in to the system when you purchased your class, an account has been created with your email address. If we need to change the account your class is credited to please contact the site administrator at

If you chose to pay via a check, please mail the check to the address on your confirmation email. As soon as we receive the check we will add the class to your account and notify you of this update.

If you have questions about this transaction please contact the site administrator at

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  1. Catherine McCoubrey

    I just tried to send a message to the site administrator by clicking on the address, per website direction, and delivery failed. I was writing, because I got a window saying that the form I was sending was not secure. It was not clear if this referred to my PayPal transaction to pay for the UU History course. Please forward this concern to the appropriate person. Registrants need to know that there is a modicum of security with financial information.

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