The Best Part Is in Person!

We offer different ways to engage with the materials with others in your congregation, covenantal community or among several local UU communities!

Congregations and Covenantal Communities

Each course module includes questions for discussion.  These can be used for congregational groups that are taking a course together and want to meet regularly to discuss the materials.  There is also an opportunity to comment on the discussion questions on the module page itself.

Local Clusters of UU Communities

If you have a critical mass of local UUs taking courses (especially in neighboring congregations), you may wish to schedule a local Saturday to share what you have learned, learn from one another, and build relationships. These Communities of Practice provide an environment that fosters deep conversation and sharing of ideas and insights.  You will engage with case studies (where you can bring your “expertise” from your courses), reflect on your own grounding as a leader in small Credo groups and create a small project with other leaders.  The Communities of Practice normally meet on a Saturday, later in the semester. 

Sample Saturday Schedule:  

9:00 am  Opening Worship  

9:15 am  Check-in (Wins and Challenges)  

9:45 am  Credo Groups  (in groups of 6-8)   A chance to reflect on the “faith” aspect of being a religious leader.   These may include reflection questions based on the common “lens” session.  

11:00 am Break  

11:15 am Case Study Groups (includes a mixture of track participants)   A case study and reflection questions will be provided.   Participants will be able to use their “expertise” to share their insights.   Last 5 minutes devoted to process observation.

12:30 pm Lunch

1:15 pm   Large group discussion / Project Planning / Real Case Studies  

3:30 pm    Reflection / Process Observation

3:45 pm   Closing