New Happenings Topics

Required Readings:

Website – Wisdom Path (just look at the first page description)

Website – The Sanctuaries in Washington DC (the home page)

Website – Ginghamsburg (the home page)

Immigrant Finds Sanctuary in Denver Unitarian Church UU World Article

Website – Original Blessing (home page)


Optional Readings and Resources:

Website – Tapestry of Faith

Webinar About the Tapestry of Faith Curriculum from MidAmerica Region

(Sound is a bit spotty at first, but it picks up part way through)


North Texas UUC website

Video — NTUUC at Freedom Parade in Dallas 2011 – with people and families and music and yellow shirts and signs – and it just keeps coming. On and on. First half of the youtube video.


LifteTree Website


Website – UUCSJ

A Webinar that outlines the programs of the College of Social Justice


Boulder Denver Cluster FB Page

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