Teaching the Bible – Resources for Creating a Class

Resource Books for Teaching the Bible in UU Settings:

How to Read the Bible by Harvey Cox.
Harper Collins, 2015

Understanding the Bible: An introduction for skeptics, seekers and religious liberals by John Buehrens
Beacon Press,  2004

Resource Websites and Videos

The Bible’s Buried Secrets: NOVA Documentary

G*dCast – www.g-dcast.com  
And YouTube Channel

Jeremiah the Prophet – full movie


Mysteries of the Bible: Prophets

Wikipedia – https://www.wikipedia.org/

Interview:   “How to Read the Bible”: Interview with Harvey Cox at the 2015 General Assembly of the Disciples of Christ

Resources from UUA.org

UU Views of the Bible – 6 UUs talk about their relationship to the Bible.

Sources of Our Living Tradition – (includes the Bible)

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