The Role of the Brand

What’s in a Brand?  Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley, Program and Strategy Officer, UUA (34:29)


The Role of Brand in the Nonprofit Sector:

Top Church Logos:

Church Style Guide:


New UUA logo:

Video Example for Process Circle Discussion:

Please watch the UU Church of Kent, Ohio welcoming video (below). What does it say about the congregation? What emotions does it evoke? How does it “brand” the congregation?

UU Church of Kent, Ohio welcoming video (1:57): 

Questions for Discussion at Our Next Process Circle
1. In what ways can consistent branding build your capacity and instill greater trust in your congregation? What are the possibilities?
2. What is your internal identity? How do congregants see themselves? What is your reputation in the wider community? How would you like it to be different or enhanced?
3. How does your mission statement stack up? Be prepared to share and comment. Can your mission statement serve as a springboard to the branding of your congregation?
4. What ideas and inspiration did you get from the UUA video, What’s in a Brand?

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