Video Case Study: The Anxious Congregation and the Healthy Congregation

Print out a copy of this discussion guide. Please watch this 40 minute video, making notes on your discussion guide.  (Hold on to your notes!  You’ll need them for the quiz!)  Then discuss the questions in the discussion section below. Please comment on one another’s thoughts!

 Questions for Discussion  (Reply in the comments below):

  1. What similar situations have occurred in your congregation?
    • How did your congregation respond?
    • How might you respond differently?
  2. Which roles that the characters play often show up in your congregation?
    • What role do you usually take?
    • Are any of these roles explicitly assigned in your congregation?
  3. What can you do in anxious situations to be a better leader in your congregation?

8 comments on “Video Case Study: The Anxious Congregation and the Healthy Congregation

    • Catherine Alberte on

      Luckily, we don’t have a pastor Stetson. We just have to deal with the here and now. I guess we’ve had “outraged citizens” who have gotten on the phone to complain to each other rather than discussing their concerns with the responsible party. during a situation quite a while back, I was one of those people but I hope I’ve learned and grown since then. We do have a couple of members who have played the part of aggrieved keepers of the truth but that behavior is not as common as it once was.

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