We’ve Flipped the Classroom

How does the hybrid / online format work?  We make the materials available online and on-demand.  Then you meet in person (locally) for the activities/discussion.  (There is a $30 fee for each online course.)

Our unique formula balances course content with the creativity of the participants — it’s the interplay of your ideas and experiences that creates the UU Leadership Institute magic!. 

Each semester, participants will be able to register for one or more courses.  (Participants from each congregation may select different courses.)

Each UU Leadership Institute course period or “semester” has 8 modules released on a bi-weekly schedule.

Modules 3 and 5 are common to all of the courses and provide a common experience that will inform the in-person sessions that include people taking any of the courses. We refer to these as “lenses” because they offer a different perspective or sensibility from the dominant culture or identity in most UU congregations.

The courses are deep — consisting of 8 modules.  Every two weeks, enrolled participants will have access to a new module that will consist of:

  • Photo Copyright Lori Stone Sirtosky

    Photo Copyright Lori Stone Sirtosky

    a recorded 40-minute web-based video presentation (led by the instructor)

  • an article plus other readings (such as book chapters or links to other articles)
  • Discussion questions for you to use with others in your congregation or cluster or to discuss in the comments on the course page.
  • other relevant resources (such as supporting videos)
  • a quiz
  • (usually, there is also an opportunity for a live web/phone call discussion or “process circle” with the instructor and other participants)

Participants are encouraged to attend a Saturday, in-person, Community of Practice  session held locally (these are self-organized groups, either a team from a single congregation, or including more than one team from nearby congregations).  The  Community of Practice materials are available as part of the course.

Participants who complete a course will receive a certificate from the institute.